Aseda Praise was started 3 years ago and has registered itself as an annual program of NUGS Nanjing. It is a moment of hot praises and worship to our maker for His guidance and protection from January through to December. This is thus, to say that the program is usually held in the month of December. It’s also an occasion where we invite our foreign friends to join in praising our maker.


Intellecto is an academic program in the program list of NUGS Nanjing. The program serves as a period where the academic needs of our members are addressed. In a bid to rebrand and ensure that our members get the best out of this program, the date for the upcoming Intellecto has been slated to be in January (a day or two after schools close). This is to prepare our members for the second semester where most of the research works take place. The Upcoming Intellecto would be a comprehensive program within which almost every aspect of research work would be addressed down to publication. We endeavour to do it in a form of an Academic Conference where we shall have parallel sessions. Recordings shall be made in order to make all other sessions where one could not partake accessible.


We expect to celebrate our Independence Day in a grand style since it’s a great historical day in the annal books of our country. All other factors held constant, our independence celebration would be done exactly on the 6th March, 2020, since it falls on a Friday. In view of that a planning committee has been set up to come out with a concrete and appetizing program outline.

GLOBAL TRANSFORMERS CONFERENCE 2020 This program has never been done in the history of NUGS Nanjing. It is one that we seek to introduce in our tenure of office. The supposed theme for the premier Global Transformers Conference would be “Exceling in the Field of Business in this Technological Era”. All other things being equal, this program shall take place within the month of April or May, 2020.