Duration of studies

Two years is the minimum length for most Masters courses in China, however, some schools requires three years long.

Proficiency in English

Students coming from countries where English speaking is not the first language needs to provide evidence of English Proficiency such as; ILET, Proficiency in English letter.

Tuition fees and funding

Tuition fees vary depending on the institution, so comparing different schools is always a good idea. Typical tuition fees for MBA Business Administration will be 29,000 RMB (USD$…….), Other fees includes Application fees – also depending on the institution, however, it is estimated to be 600rmb (USD $90-150).

Accommodation costs

Most schools provide accommodation for international students on-campus(Free or charged) depending on the institution.  Average prices of accommodation outside campus vary on the type of accommodation you require and the prices in your area. Expect to pay between 1500RMB per month (USD) per month, but be sure to research actual costs in advance.

Scholarships and other Masters funding

There is a high possibility for a masters student to get a schorlarship (Full or partial). eg, Chinese Government scholarship(CSC), Municipal schorlarship, school schorlarship, etc…Masters students stand the chance of getting a schorlarship to study in China.

Be a Bachelors degree  holder (or equivalent undergraduate qualification)

Provide one/two letters of recommendation (tutors at your undergraduate university may be able to provide these)

Age limit

Some Chinese universities may set age limits for postgraduate applications. Masters students age limit can  be below 35years, so it’s worth checking your course’s requirements if applying as a mature student.

Search for supervisor

You must search for a supervisor in line with your course of interest at the institution you are applying for, these supervisors gives acceptance prior to your admission.

Study plan; This spells that why you want to study in China? Future aspirations, etc..find a sample and make it marketable.

Publication as a requirement for graduation; some schools requires masters students to publish a paper and complete a thesis to be able to graduate.

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