NUGS-Shanghai-The uncertainties and effects of Covid-19


Meeting Chats

00:46:23    me: very true…
00:46:34 Eric: positive thoughts
00:51:42 Mr. Fred Y.N Ankomah:
00:58:32 Mr. Fred Y.N Ankomah:
01:08:30 iPhone: please put the web address but, thanks
01:08:43 Mr. Fred Y.N Ankomah:
01:09:07 iPhone: thanks 🙏
01:21:49 MR. EL-DEENI: I can find the report
01:22:17 MR. EL-DEENI: i cant find the report you made mention of
01:22:51 Mr. Fred Y.N Ankomah: From which one please?
01:29:07 Elorm Kumah: thank you very much for such a thought provoking presentation. My question is how easy is it to start a business in China?
01:31:14 Cephas Abbew: Hi Everyone …Please you can type your questions or show by raising your hand and you will be called. Thank you …..
01:38:13 me: What would you advice is the best way to maintain the networks we make in the cooperate world whilst we are still in school. Because sometimes when you meet prominent people and tell them you're still in school it feels a bit embarrassing. ;(
01:44:41 Benjamin Baffoe: Very insightful session and advice. Thanks Fred
01:47:45 me: ..being a student in the sense that…you're not ready to be absorbed into the cooperate work eventhough youre smart, likeable etc…. wait!
01:50:42 me: Great Thank You!!!
02:02:34 Mr. Fred Y.N Ankomah: No new links yet
02:26:04 Cephas Abbew: Please we want to take our last question…
02:33:58 Sam --: I have one last thing to say @Cephas. 30 seconds
02:34:18 Cephas Abbew: Okay Senior