Patrick Osei Lartey is a PhD student at Taiyuan University of Technology majoring in Material Science and Engineering. Patrick is well-motivated, disciplined, proactive and a well-organized individual who enjoys the challenge of seeking the wellbeing and progress of individuals. He possesses good interpersonal and communication skills, a very sociable and kind individual who offers good prospect for the development of others, institutions and organizations where he finds himself. He is a very dynamic person whose wings spread across various disciplines such as religious leadership, scientific research, social administration etc.

Patricks’ current research area as a PhD student focuses on the investigation and fabrication of wetting and non-wetting surface properties of materials such as polymers, electronics, woods, textiles etc. for industrial applications, of which he has co-authored research papers in this regard. He is also endowed with knowledge in organic electronics (OPVs and OLEDs), research expertise in dispersion, polymers, and two dimensional nanomaterials including graphene and black phosphorus. He also has research publications in scientific journals in these areas.

Patrick has served in so many positions demonstrating effective and impactful leadership skills including President of NUGS Taiyuan (2020/2021), NUGS Provincial Coordinator for Shanxi Province & National Senate Member(2020/2021), President of Taiyuan International Christian Fellowship (2017-Date), Vice Minister for Sports (TYUT International Students Union 2019/2020), Alumni Relations Director for TYUT International Masters Students ( 2019/2020), Ambassador of TYUT International Student’s Office to Ghana (2020-Date)  and many more leadership positions previously held.

With little or no supervision, Patrick is able to fully execute the responsibilities of his positions to the maximum while exhibiting good personal relationship with the people he serves. Combining the religious leadership role with the social leadership, Patrick is motivated with a hallmark of “Service to man is service to God and self” keeping in mind Hebrews 6:10 and this is evident in his selfless dedication to assisting and supporting people. A positive social influencer in this regard.

Patrick’s hard work during his Bachelor’s degree study in the University of Cape Coast at the Department of Environmental Science earned him a service at the department as a Teaching Assistant where he executed his work to the satisfaction of the lecturers and students. Building upon this hard work, he attained an Excellent Graduating International Student Award at the end of his Master’s Degree study at Taiyuan University of Technology where he is currently pursuing his PhD.

Patrick’s hobbies include reading, listening to music, playing of jazz and djembe drums, and playing football. His interest in sports made him venture into football administration where he currently owns a registered second division football club in the Eastern Region of Ghana.