Edumadze Johnson, is a final year student majoring in Chinese Philosophy at Beijing Normal University, Beijing. Johnson is proactive and conscious Individual, fair but firm player with good interpersonal and communication skills, sociable, time conscious and work with little or no supervision to contribute his service to people.  His strongest motivation is the view that every difficulty is a challenge to work harder and an opportunity to make a difference, rather than a problem. He has a high level of personal integrity and dedicated to any assigned responsibility. Excellence is therefore his ultimate hallmark.

Johnson has co-authored some publications in Philosophy. His research areas are Western Philosophy, Asian Philosophy, African Philosophy and Ghanaian Philosophy.
As emerging energetic advocate for African Philosophy, comparing both African, Asian and Western Philosophy, Mr. Edumadze has giving many presentations at conferences with recent one organized by the school of Philosophy, BNU.

He has served in several positions, including President of NUGS Beijing – 2020/2021, Presiding Zhengzhou PIWC 2020, Chaplaincy board member at Bisease SHS, Advisory Committee Member (Bosease SHS), President of Religion Students Association of Ghana (RESAG) – 2016/2017, Organizer of WAFSU- UCC – 2014/2015, Vice President of History Students Union- AGUSCO. Counting……………

Johnson’s core objectives are to demonstrate professionalism and makes the best use of his skills as a facilitator in an institution of Higher Education and then also to pursue a successful teaching career as a lecturer and a leader in a dynamic and creativity where he can make difference. Again, he intend to exhibit, learn and acquire interpersonal skills and develop new patterns of leadership that concern human relations

Mr. Edumadze has the following as his core objectives in life.

  • Able to use a wide range of behavior management techniques such as agreed rules and positive reinforcement to establish calm and comfortable environment for people round him
  • A highly sociable person; hence, an undisputed good team builder who radiates energy and enthusiasm in-group efforts. He enjoy encouraging and promoting others and developing rapport.
  • He can be described as an energetic and result-oriented individual with a positive attitude towards work

Johnson’s hard work during his service with the University of Cape Coast – Department of Religion and Human Values and CODE, has made him obtain favor from both lecturers, staffs and students. Disciplining students while teaching in Bisease Senior High School was his hallmark.

Johnson’s hobbies include watching movies, reading, listening to music etc. He also enjoy giving haircut to people too. His passion to serve people made him side with Mahatma Gandhi “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”Put humans first and God will put you first.