Derrick Anquanah Cudjoe is a second-year doctoral candidate at the Southeast University, Nanjing. He majors in Industrial and International Economics. Mr. Anquanah Cudjoe has co-authored several scientific publications. His research interests are focused on international trade, foreign direct investment, official development assistances, development economics and policies, and industrial agglomeration. As an ardent activist of student politics and service through leadership, Mr. Anquanah Cudjoe has served in several positions, including Chaplaincy Committee Member (NUGS-Nanjing), Academic Committee Member (NUGS-Nanjing), School Representative (Ghanaian Students in Southeast University). Mr. Anquanah Cudjoe served as the President of NUGS-Nanjing (2019/2020) and currently serve as the NUGS-China Judicial Committee Chairman.

Hitherto pursuing his educational objectives in China, Mr. Anquanah Cudjoe had work experiences with the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (Takoradi), the Ghana National Health Insurance Scheme (Daboase) and other ministry engagements. He currently doubles as the Founder and President of the Grace Outreach Global Foundation, a humanitarian and social organization, under the firm belief that it is only when the less privileged are given a befitting place in societies can a nation attain absolute sanity. He, through his foundation, has been committed to contributing to the realization of sustainable development goals 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, and 10 to serve as the veneer and vehicle to ameliorate equity, sustainable economic wellbeing, and collective and inclusive global development.

Derrick Anquanah Cudjoe is a policy analyst, strategic communicator, an analytical thinker who always endeavours to achieve the best through felicitous punctiliousness. He is team player, adept with managing differences and a respecter of divergent perspective. He is an afro-optimist who holds the view that there should be no delusion about setting strategic policy interventions that ensure economic development in Africa and for global welfare. He is motivated to challenge the status quo and influence policy development to augment global happiness indices. Mr. Anquanah Cudjoe opines that the opportunities and challenges presented by globalization order demand significant responsibility and he avails himself for such responsibility.

Mr. Anquanah Cudjoe inspires people through titillating quotes.

  • “Living in the domain of individualism is tantamount to living in a quagmire.”
  • “Ideation without action leads to stagnation.”
  • “The realization and consciousness of one’s self is a needed ingredient for one’s success.”
  • “It is the character you build that ensures your propensity to success.”
  • “Distractions are potent weapons to destructions.”

He is inspired by these quotes among many others.

“ozio lungo d’uomini ignoranti – how miserable are the idle hours of the ignorant (ordinary people think merely how they shall spend their time; a person of any talent tries to use it).”

“For to measure a man’s happiness only by what he gets, and not also what he expects to get, is as futile as to try to and express a fraction which shall have a numerator but no denominator.”

“Beauty is an open letter of recommendation, predisposing the heart to favour the person who presents it.”

(All by Arthur Schopenhauer)

The hobbies of Derrick Anquanah Cudjoe include listening to motivational messages, reading, watching movies and travelling.