Bekoe Bernard Boamah is a second-year graduate (PhD) student from the Business School of Hohai University. Although his current PhD research focuses on using empirical models to find *synergies between the water-energy-food nexus, he has in the past authored and co-authored several scientific publications in the field of business management (HR), E-commerce, International trade and finance during his first graduate study (MBA) between 2016 and 2019.

As an ardent believer in making the world a better place through ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ service to humanity, he has always availed himself for opportunities to serve people in every institution or association he finds himself-thereby his reputation for serving in several leadership positions in his scholarship career. Before his election to the high office of the Secretary-General of NUGS-China (2019-2020), he had served as the president for Nanjing Chapter of NUGS-China (2016-2017) and as a university representative for three consecutive years (2013-2016). Among the many things he has leant throughout his leadership career is a profound aptitude for team work and conflict resolution.

Bencarson (an alias he acquired for sharing in the humble beginnings of the renowned American neurosurgeon-Dr Benjamin Carson) is the CEO and founder of BenLiTT Consult; a startup that provides academic, business and professional services to students and young entrepreneurs.

As a resolute advocate for the Pan-Africanism, he has exhibited interest in, participated and spoken at several Pro-Africa Development events. To promote what has come to be known as “Africa solution to African problems” and to concurrently deal with the western media propaganda against the continent, he has recently commenced a Podcast series that seeks to invigorate the economic, political, cultural and social milestone of progress happening in Africa in contrast to the western media’s biased reportage, through live chats and sagacious discussions with key stakeholders.

He is known for his oratory and writing skills in the Twi and English language; a feat he acquired in his early years in Asanteman School

Among many other things, he believes in doing service to people through ‘the little things that matter’ such as putting a smile at the corner of a cheek, hence his notable sense of humor.

He enjoys traveling (travelled to more than 10 provinces in China), reading and watching football and comedy (Big Bang theory is his all-time favorite).

He is an allegiant fan of Liverpool FC and a native of both Jachie-Pramso in the Ashanti Region, and Nkaseim in the Ahafo region.