Start Date: 15th Feb, 2021. (4 days in row – 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th Feb)

1 Introduction to Tableau: Session One

1.1 Welcome to Tableau
1.2 Why use Tableau?
1.3 Download and Install Tableau
1.4 Connecting Data in Tableau
1.5 Exploring Tableau’s Interface
1.6 Create your first Chart in Tableau

2 Tableau Functionalities: Session Two

2.1 Duplicating a sheet
2.2 Creating a Table
2.3 Creating Custom Fields
2.4 Adding calculations to a Table
2.5 Adding Totals and Subtotals
2.6 Adding a Custom Calculation
2.7 Inserting a Filter
2.8 Working with Joins

3 Tableau Charts & Dashboards: Session Three

3.1 Using joins in Tableau
3.2 Performing a Numbers Check – Part I
3.3 Blending Data
3.4 Performing a Numbers Check – Part II
3.5 First chart
3.6 Second chart
3.7 Third chart
3.8 Creating and Formatting a Dashboard
3.9 Adding Interactive Filters

<strong>BAFFOUR ADU ASARE</strong>

Instructor Profile:
Baffour Adu Asare completed his bachelor’s in Computer Science at Valley View University, Ghana, in 2016. In 2015, he co-founded a startup company focused on providing cutting-edge information technology solutions. He has extensively worked as a Web Application Developer, Website Developer, and Data Scientist in recent years. In 2019 Baffour received his Master’s degree in Software Engineering at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC). During his masters, he worked on several projects on machine learning, data analysis, and deep learning, which resulted in published papers. As a doctoral student at UESTC, his research areas are deep learning and image recognition. Apart from spending countless hours with the computer, he enjoys playing football, listening to an unhealthy amount of rap music, and cooking sumptuous meals

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