SkillUp Class Python

Course Summary

This course teaches how to extract information from web pages with Python codes. The data extracted will be structured which is a good base for further analysis if desired.

Start Date: 7th Feb, 2021.
(Once every week: 4 sessions )
6PM – 8PM (Beijing Time)
10AM – 12PM (Ghana Time)

Session 1: Python for Beginners

  • Basic Types
  • Variables: Assignment
  • Variables: Re-assignment
  • Objects and methods
  • Lists, loops, dictionaries

Session 2: Python Web Scraping Essentials

  • Examining modern browsers for data extraction
    – Web page inspection
    – HTML & CSS Basics
  • Beautiful Soup – Python library for Web Scraping

Session 3: Guided Web Scraping

  • A complete web scrapping example
  • Assignment of Scrapping projects

Session 4: Project Display

  • Presentation of selected projects
<strong> Michael Odartei Mills </strong>
Michael Odartei Mills

Michael has a strong background in Computer Science: completing his bachelors and master degree in University of Cape Coast and University of Electronic Science of Technology of China respectively. He is a passionate about data and how to practically utilize data. Due to this passion he completed several Data Science related courses via multiple MOOCS. He attended the Python for Data Science boot camp organized by Le Wagon – Chengdu and subsequently became the student ambassador of Le Wagon – Chengdu and successfully instructed Python related courses in 2019/2020.

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