Name: Robert N. K. Appiah

chapter: Chengdu

School: University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

major: Computer Science

 Date of Birth: 17th July

Passion: LOVE


Name: Osei Seth

chapter: Hangzhou

School: Zhejiang University of Science and Technology

major: Master in Engineering Simulation Calculation and Statistics

 Date of Birth: 29th August

Passion: Hardworking, Sociable and Humble


Name: Abigail Oduro

chapter: BEIJING

School: Beijing Normal University

major: Master in Higher Education

 Date of Birth: 10/24

Passion: Service, teaching


Name: Joshua Ahiasi-Mensah

chapter: TIANJIN

School: Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 

major: Masters Pharmacology 

 Date of Birth: 11th October 

Passion: Service, teaching, Nurturing strength in togetherness, leading by example.

Name: Amartey Ernest Nii LARYEA


School: China Uni. Of mining and technology

major: Chemical engineering

 Date of Birth: December 12

Passion: Advocacy , firmness and fairness

Name: Bilintoh Mumuni Daniel Nashiru

chapter: Anhui Province

School: University of science and Technology of China (USTC) Hefei

major: PhD. Safety Science and Engineering

 Date of Birth: 23/12

Passion: sports

Name: Eliyahu Kainyah Yalley


School: Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology

major: Electronics and Information Engineering

 Date of Birth: 03/1998

Passion: Programming

Name: Rockson Sai

chapter: Xiamen

School: Xiamen University

major: Ph.D Technology Economics and Management

 Date of Birth: 19th May 1990

Passion: Transparency and perfection