The Ghana Embassy in Beijing, under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, has given out a sum of 50,000RMB to NUGS-CHINA for the procurement of food and protective items for the distressed members in the wake of the Coronavirus Outbreak, which has claimed 213 lives and hospitalized more than 9000.

This initiative was taken in response to challenges that were raised by Chapter representatives during a 4-hour meeting held on the 29th of January, 2020 between the Ghana embassy, the National Executive Council, and representatives of NUGS-CHINA.

During the meeting, chapter representatives unanimously affirmed that all Ghanaian students in their respective cities were safe from the virus. They mentioned that, the shortage of nose masks and hand sanitizers had led to some concerns and prevented some members from going out to buy basic needs like food and water.

At the end of the meeting that was chaired by H.E. Edward Boateng, Ghana’s Ambassador to China, the Embassy Officials promised to channel all the concerns raised by chapter Executives to Accra and respond accordingly.

According to directives from the Embassy during another meeting with the National Executive Committee (NEC) of NUGS-China on the 31st of January, 30,000RMB of the disbursed amount is to be given to Chapters in Hubei Province. Hubei Province is the epicenter of the disease and is also where the lock-down is severest. The remaining 20000RMB is to be committed to the NUGS-China “NKWA NA ƐHIA” fund, created to provide support for all other chapters outside of Hubei Province.

Speaking of the fund, NUGS-China welcomes any donation either in cash or kind to help provide adequate support for all members under our watch.

NUGS-China is grateful to the Government of Ghana, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, and the Ghana Mission in China for such a kind gesture.

We would like to assure our members that the Union is going to do whatever it can to collaborate with the Embassy to ensure their safety. We, however, caution each individual to be extra careful in these coming days. The spread of the disease, although stabilizing, is still contagious.

Members are admonished to follow the safety precautions, stay calm and be of good cheer. In case any member experiences any fever symptoms, they should rush to the designated hospitals for treatment or report to the NUGS-China Report-Center @ (, or contact the Ghana Embassy directly via these emergency lines:

+8618612084232 / +8618612959040.

Long Live Ghana, Long live NUGS-CHINA!!

Bekoe Bernard Boamah
Secretary General   
TEL: +86 15651898563
Felix Gyawu-Addo
TEL: +86 15295776558


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