The Ghanaian community in Xiamen has been growing stronger and stronger since the early 2000’s and this is shown by the significant presence of both students and workers in the City. The Xiamen University has been the major gateway for the heightened presence of Ghanaians in Xiamen. We have over the years seen a minimum of 60 students passing through the university. This however excludes the community of workers who are also present I large numbers. 

In 2015 the idea of NUGS-Xiamen was birthed by a prestigious member and now patron Dr. Tareque Odoom-Wubah and was duly welcomed by all and sundry. The chapter has been involved major activities geared at strengthening the Ghanaian community and also duly ensuring a fair representation of the Ghanaian community in international activities. The major activities that have been held and we have participated in over the years include

  1. African Cup
  2. World Cup
  3. World Changers conference
  4. Leavers party and dinner
  5. Excursion
  6. Beach games
  7. In-house eating

In 2017 the chapter was duly inaugurated into NUGS – China national and has ever since remained connected duly participating in activities, dues payment and obliging to chapter requirements by the National Executive Council. The Chapter has seen four presidents since its inception and has grown from strength to strength. We believe Xiamen is not only a place where Ghana is well represented, but also a place where the best of people are trained for global impact.