Resource Person: Dr. MD Ekram Hossain

Date: 25th April, 2020

The program started with an introduction about the era of commencement of technology through to the 4th industrial revolution, artificial intelligence and internet of things etc.

Exceling in business requires utilizing the available platforms we have available in our era:

  1. E-commerce platforms combine information and technology and all businesses in contemporary times should be aware of being naturally embedded in technology and thus should take full advantage of it.
  2. The existence of social media makes it possible for businesses to reach customers or potential customers in other parts of the globe.
  3. Websites also make businesses known and reachable.
  4. Facebook commerce (f-commerce) is also gaining popularity in recent times as more and more businesses (even those without physical business offices) are adopting to advertise and sell their products.
  5. It is also imperative for us to import technologies from China (where we find ourselves now) into our businesses and countries.
  6. It is also essential to keep up with the rapid technological change in order to succeed.

Find a problem in your society or community, attempt to solve it and that could be the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey.

Find Problem, Solve Problem; Solving Problem is Business.

Nanjing Excel Program