For many years, the joy of graduation for many Ghanaian graduates in China was short-lived, considering the ordeal relocating back home. This worrisome situation was mainly infuriated by the challenges involved in shipping the person’s stuff from China to Ghana, not to mention the risk of fraud and unnecessary delays in delivery.

To solve this problem, the Union, in collaboration with the Ghana Mission instituted the NUGS-China shipment program. This program is conducted annually for Ghanaian graduates to use as a means of transporting their valuables from China back to Ghana. This program is managed by the shipping board headed by the Vice President of the Union.

The program has seen some remarkable successes such as the short delivery time and less or no damages to beneficiaries’ consignments in the past years. However, these successes do not guarantee an evasion of challenges. Some of the predominant challenges include determining actual beneficiaries, lack of coordination from chapter levels, and goods abandonment at their final destination in Accra.

To minimize these challenges, the Online shipping application portal has been launched for the 2019/2020 Academic year.

Online Shipping Application Lunch

The online shipping application allows members in good standing to easily apply for NUGS-China’s duty-free shipping service. This will also enable the shipping committee to efficiently connect with members and facilitate the shipping process to improve the shipping service NUGS-China gives to members more effectively.

NB: To be a good standing member, one must be an active member in their local chapter, and must ensure honesty in his or her dues payment. The online application system will automatically reject any application from members who are not in good standing.


  • Easy access to shipping form and shipping tag
  • Swift application process
  • Prompt Notification on goods arrival at the warehouse
  • Receive email notification on the status of your goods received
  • Receive prompt update on your shipping application
  • Be in the complete loop of the shipping process.
  • Good coordination on goods arrival in Ghana
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