SkillUp Program

NUGS-China SkillUp is an educative program that offers academic training and certification to members via an online or on-site medium of courses instruction. NUGS-China SkillUp program covers a broad range of subject areas including Computer Science and Engineering, Software Engineering, Chemistry & Materials Science, Social Sciences, Earth Sciences & Geography, Physics, Mathematics, Business & Management, Economics & Finance, Natural Resources & Conservation, Civil Engineering, Agriculture & Agric Operations, Information & Communication Engineering etc.

SkillUp Classes 2021

Wechat Mini Program Development

Signup: Advanced Data Analysis with R Programming Software

Signup: GMDC Examination Prep Class

Signup: Python Web Scraping

Signup: Revit and Autocad 2018/2020

Signup: Data Visualization with Tableau

SkillUp Classes

Data Science
Data Science

Autocad Professional

Research Publication Tools

Statistical Software Pro

Graphic Design

GMDC Prep Class

web dev
Web Development

Arduino Micro Controller

Construction Technology

Teaching Software/Platform

SkillUp Masterclass Program


NUGS-China is seeking qualified individuals to serve as a virtual/on-site teaching instructors for our NUGS-China SkillUp program. We are looking for individuals with fresh ideas and a desire to share a skill or interest with our members. Ideal instructors with extensive knowledge in their skill or subject area, good communication skills and passion for teaching others are needed. Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications will be placed on an “Approved Instructor” list to be accessed by NUGS-China Academic Committee to provide instruction.

By becoming a NUGS-China SkillUp-approved instructor, an individual can gain increased visibility among practicing facilities professionals, access to a network of intellectual and instructors and opportunity to advance and improve teaching skills

Desired Instructors Qualifications

Applicants must meet the following minimum criteria.

  • A minimum of bachelor’s degree required.
  • Willingness to share skills or knowledge
  • Experience in providing instruction to professionals in the field of interest (optional)

Application Process

Application is open from now till December 30, 2020.

All interested applicants should kindly submit an application using the link below. The following documents will be needed to complete the online form:

  • Updated CV/résumé (include 2 referees with professional portfolio)
  • Photograph (to be used for profile)

Online Application link

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Wechat Mini Program Development
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Signup: Advanced Data Analysis with R Programming Software
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