Greetings to all Chapter leaders and members from the National Executives Committee.

Just as a quick update, over 4000 confirmed cases in Mainland China, and more than 100 deaths have been recorded in this disease outbreak.

No Ghanaian student or Expatriate is infected yet. Unfortunately, Most cities are locked down and, few shops are open at the moment.

Understandably, there is fear and panic among our members for fear of a shortage of food and medical supplies like nose masks.

A total of 10,000 RMB -5000 from the Union and 5000 from the Embassy – has been remitted to the Wuhan chapter. These funds are to be used to procure food and other supplies to the members, and the chapter will give an update later.

The NEC met the SENATE last night (between 6–9pm, January 28) to officially brief them on the state of affairs of Ghanaian students so far.

H.E. Edward BOATENG will be meeting the NEC and all Chapter leaders plus a representative tomorrow for discussions on the way forward in helping our stranded members.

Information at this stage is very sensitive. Any statement or information given will do one of two things; either give hope or cause perplexity.

We would, therefore, warn all Chapter leaders and members granting Media interviews to first desist from it, and secondly avoid causing fear and panic by calling for Evacuation of members.

Let me reiterate that the Embassy is in close contact with NEC and Wuhan chapter leaders where the situation is quite intensive.

When it becomes necessary for Evacuation, the needed measures would be communicated to all.

Thank you for Reading.

Yours Ever!