At noon on Tuesday (Feb. 18), 3490¥ (equivalence of 500$) was disbursed by the Ghana Mission in China into the bank accounts of all Ghanaians currently residing in Hubei Province of China, the epicenter of COVID-19.

The sum of ¥1,190,090 ($170,500) was disbursed per the directives of the government of Ghana to aid Ghanaian students living in the ground zero of the deadly CORONAVIRUS to procure essential items for their survival in the interim. At the same time, they wait for a possible Evacuation.

In the latest meeting between the NEC, Hubei executives, and Embassy officials led by H.E. Edward Boateng, the leadership of the Union were assured that the remainder of the $250,000, after the disbursement of the $500, would be kept in a fund at the Embassy.

During the same meeting, Executives from Wuhan and Shiyan acknowledged receipts of 1400 pieces of nose masks from the Ghana mission (1000 pieces to Wuhan; 400 pieces to Shiyan). At the same time, they considered the option of evacuation per the directives of their expert advisers.

The leadership of the Union has requested the Goverment of Ghana through the Mission to also remember the plight of the remaining chapters outside of Hubei Province by supplying them with more logistics and other medical items (The Mission has promised to put it in consideration)

In an earlier meeting held on Feb. 16, between the NEC and the Wuhan chapter executives and campus representatives, it was established that although Ghanaians are safe and, some schools are providing daily nose masks, and free three-square meals for students on campus, the primary challenge of immobility around campus, and the higher risk of infection coupled with some few cases of water shortage in some schools is a primary concern among members, necessitating an immediate evacuation before anyone get infected.

Lastly, the NEC has been able to procure 2000 pieces of nose masks from China (while we wait for the consignment of 6000 nose masks to arrive from Ukraine: 10,000 from Russia) ready for distribution to Chapters in dire need. Leaders of every chapter, in urgent need of nose masks should contact the National Financial Controller (Ahiasi-Mensah-Mensah Joshua: WeChat ID: Jahmens1) to provide their address for the receipt of the said items. The nose masks from Ukraine and Russia are expected to arrive in few days time, and will be communicated to chapters when they do.

China recorded over 2000 new infections with 142 new deaths today (Tuesday , Feb. 18). Members should, therefore, be keen on their safety even though the cases of new infections continually drops by the day.

Yours Sincerely!