1. The Embassy Officials led by H.E. Edward Boateng, the National Executive Committee of NUGS-China, the Executives of HUBEI province have had closed-door meetings since January 31.
  2. These meetings (Every 48 hours) have been towards the possible evacuation of Ghanaians in Wuhan and the Hubei Province and finding short term solutions to the short term problems of the Ghanaians there.
  3. The main challenges for the possibility of evacuation are the preparedness of health officers in Ghana including quarantine.

I. Getting an airline company
II. Getting a third country for refueling

  1. Through these closed door meetings:

Some short term solutions like:

I. Giving out a total of about 50000RMB to the HUBEI province to procure protective items like nosemasks and hand sanitizers have been ✅ done

II. Communicating with the Chinese foreign Affairs ministry and the city authorities and School administration to provide access to basic necessities like food and water is done ✅

III. Seeking for clinical psychologist for residents of HUBEI has been done ( the services of Psychotherapist, Dr. AMA Edwin and his team have been acquired for that )

  1. The Ghana Embassy has sent some proposal to Accra and awaiting response from Accra (The Ministry) and also approval from a third country where the aircraft would stop for refueling (due to the mileage between Ghana and China)
  2. The Embassy has proposed further assistance to students and Ghanaians in China.
  3. So far no Ghana is infected of the Virus. And most universities, although locked down, are providing access to basic necessities like food and water; with some even sharing nose masks (Including Wuhan and other cities in Hubei)
  4. The committee that has been tasked to cater for the provision of nose mask and hand sanitizers to all NUGS-China members have ordered surgical nose masks from Ukraine at the cheapest cost (expecting arrival in about a week time) to be distributed to all members.

Bekoe Bernard Boamah
Secretary General   
TEL: +86 15651898563
Felix Gyawu-Addo
National President   
TEL: +86 15295776558