NUGS-Beijing which is an acronym for National Union of Ghanaian Students in Beijing is a sub-body of NUGS-China, a mother body of all Ghanaian Students in China.

Unity has always been a part of Ghanaians wherever we find ourselves and the Beijing chapter of this prestigious union has, since its rebirth, continued to champion the cause under the auspices of NUGS-China.

NUGS-Beijing saw its inception in March, 2011 but collapsed due to a number of reasons; however, Ghanaian students in Beijing reunited to revive the group in May 2014. This saw the introduction of a new administration spearheaded by three executives: Emmanuel Asamoah as President, Monica Sefakor Agidi as Secretary and Bernard Ohene as Treasurer respectively.

Through its endeavors NUGS- Beijing has been able to unite a large number of Ghanaian students from universities throughout the Beijing Metropolis under one umbrella in unity and harmony. The Beijing chapter, has since this period, continued to run efficiently, organizing events for not only unity but also for academic and self-development purposes.

Date of Organization:

Inception: March, 2011.

Re-inaugurated: May, 2014.

Aims and Virtues:  

  1. Uniting Ghanaian students in the Beijing Province.
  2. Serving as the link between Ghanaian students in Beijing and the Embassy of Ghana.
  3. Serving as the link between Ghanaian students in Beijing and China.
  4. Serving as the mouthpiece of Ghanaian students in Beijing.

Ensuring the welfare of Ghanaian students in Beijing.