Good morning, Good evening to everyone. Irrespective of our locations. On behalf of my executives I would like to extend our sincere gratitude to you all for the support and trust you have in us to lead this union. We deem it a great pleasure to lead this union for the 2020/2021 academic year. It’s also a great pleasure to be invited to be part of this Leadership training as well.

This is our first leadership training for this academic year. Most of us here are aware of the numerous challenges that our Union has faced over the pass years. However, we are very much grateful to the good works of our predecessors in solving some challenges. Nonetheless, we continue to strive harder for the best. Quite a number of items were delineated in our manifestos both at the chapter and national levels during our various electoral processes and as such we need to equip ourselves with the necessary skills to achieve them.

NUGS-China is versed with lots of leaders with great ideas and potentials. We believe that good leaders can be created through effective leadership training and therefore we seek to invest more into improving these leaders. Quality leadership is a combination of the right qualities and the right training. We are gathered here because our members have identified us to be those who have what it takes to lead them and now we ought to be furnished with the right leadership training. Nurturing leaders supports succession planning and offers career pathways to organization and further increasing retentions.
The purpose of this leadership program is to equip us with general leadership skills that will enhance works in our current portfolios and also prepare us for future leadership positions.

At the end of this program, we are expected to be equipped with knowledge of:
Ø Qualities of a good leader
Ø How to manage a team
Ø Time management
Ø how to lead by example
Ø Strategies to mobilize resources to help the union
Ø The need for commitment as leaders.

Without wasting much I would like to hand over for the program to begin.
Thank you.