Warm greetings from the Executive Board of NUGS-Zhenjiang. We appreciate your presence, participation and contributions during our General Assembly yesterday, 12th Sept. 2020. We will like to encourage members to continue to take keen interest in happenings and issues concerning the Union and fellow members.

Below are key highlights of what transpired during the General Assembly meeting;

  1. Budget for the academic year programs and activities was presented, debated and approved.
  2. Members and chairpersons of the various of committees were introduced.
  3. Members are to initiate their passport renewal process at least six (6) clear months before expiration date. The Vice President, Ms. Michella Asiedu – Poku is in-charge of this process.
  4. All NUGS WeChat platforms will undergo some level of house cleaning. Whilst the NUGS JUST and NUGS JU platforms will be used for both social and official communications, NUGS Zhenjiang platform will be used for only official communications. This also means that only current students are allowed to be on the NUGS Zhenjiang platform.
  5. Members were encouraged to register on the NUGS-China platform and pay their dues in time so that they can continue to enjoy services offered by the Union without any hindrance. Dues can be paid in bits monthly.

Further communiques will be issued on the specific programs and activities of the Union at a later date.
Thank you

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