Leadership is the exercise of proactiveness in a person looking forward to the future, striving for development and strength on its impact, and the belief for positive change in the future by putting people first for a change. Mahatma Gandhi said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” And this has been my team’s guiding principle throughout our tenure.

My administration came to office with a lot of hope and readiness to ensure we can achieve the best for the Union. Good progress was made in achieving the various targets we had set until we were hit with COVID-19. However, as students, it was the time to focus on the positives and how we, regardless of the inconvenience, will forge on. It was a call to be more innovative, creative, productive, and excellent problem solvers. With all the meetings and other events aimed at seeking the wellbeing of our members during this pandemic period, the team did not lose focus but was determined to work hard to achieve our targets.

Whiles a lot of challenges were faced, it was in the misfortune that a lot of innovative ideas sprouted. It is said, “Necessity is the mother of all inventions.” Notable among the flagship programs that came out in COVID-19 lockdown was the virtual mentorship series that saw seasoned men and women who are captains in their field of endeavour coming to talk with students on how to navigate through life and make opportunities out of the challenges. This period also marked an unprecedented relationship between the Ghana Mission-Beijing and NUGS-China, and we hope that this good relationship continues. I will not belabour the achievements of this administration. Our modest achievements were presented in our 2019/2020 NEC report.

As students at different levels in diverse fields, not all of us may have the chance to land on groundbreaking research to attain the fame and wealth it comes with. We need not be discouraged; the least we can do is to be diligent in our academic and extra-curricular activities, develop all faculties, facets, and talents of our personalities to make our families and nation proud of us.

Even as this pandemic continues and we are still under lockdown, the experience can be used to our advantage. We can use this time to plan better, make better strategies, and be self-reflective. We can consider this season as a fallow period to rejuvenate our being by taking extra care ourselves emotionally, mentally, and physically.

To our incoming NEC, be ready to learn and consult when the need arises for wisdom is not a repository in only one individual. Admit your weakness and work on it by harnessing your strengths to achieve your set goal.  Above all, be firm and be a team player. Not all your decisions will be popular with members, but if it assures the wellbeing of our dear members, let’s not be deterred.

To our honourable members, be a responsible member and not just a critical spectator. The critical spectator just sits behind while waiting for others to work on the Union. Also, they only see the negatives in the Union and don’t offer constructive suggestions to the ills he/she has observed. As you see and point out the negative and defaults, equally add suggestions on how to amend it. Remember the leaders are students and people just like you so please relate to them as you would expect others to relate to you. Insults and derogatory comments may tear down rather than build up.

Sometimes it gets lonely at the top, you become restless and ask yourselves why did I sign up for this? Certain remarks and comments from people you are working to ensure their wellbeing will hit you; do I respond, or I should let it go? Many times you will face these personal challenges. But then you will also get people who would motivate you and appreciate what you are doing. Such persons will give constructive suggestions that will help in your decision making. These feelings are like the experience on a roller coaster. There will be ups and downs but be hopeful and do your best in all situations. I wish you all the best in the coming year. My sincere apologies to anyone I offended in the line of duty. It was not intentional.

I would personally like to thank God for the lives of all of us. To my colleague outgoing NEC members, you are the best teammates any President could ask for. Your dedication and commitment to serve NUGS-China was unquestionable.  The bond we created will stay with me for the rest of my life. Also, let me use this opportunity to say a big thank you to all the provincial coordinators, chapter executives and school representatives for their selflessness. And to all my dear friends who called in the dead of night to ask about my wellbeing, I’m very grateful.

I would end by sounding the call of Unity to all Ghanaian students in China and the diaspora. Let us represent our national flag wherever we find ourselves. We are cultured, educated, and talented; let us reveal that part of us to the world. Thank you.

Past National President- NUGS China