Financial Controller

Name: Joshua Ahiasi-Mensah

School: Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

major: Pharmacology (Masters)

 Date of Birth: 11th October

 Contact: 18322094011

Passion: Nurturing strength in togetherness, leading by example


Name: Rita Mawufemor Tsorme

School: Xiamen University

major: Commercial Law (Masters)

 Date of Birth: 15th December

 Contact: 15606092779

Passion: Cooking


Name: Prince Ankrah

School: Tianjin University

major: Business Administration (MBA)

 Date of Birth: 13th September

 Contact: 17526570484

Passion: Accountability and Transparency


Name: Millicent selase Afenya

School: Zhongnan university of economics and law

major: Accounting

 Date of Birth: 5th May

 Contact: 15623232573

Passion: Providing selfless services to all mankind.


Name: Derek Aheto

School: Hubei University of Medicine

major: Bachelor of Medicine and  Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

 Date of Birth: 30th June

 Contact: 18772975753

Passion: Promoting good health and serving all with diligence, respect and equality.


Name: Rita-Cindy A. Sedjoah

School: Jiangsu University of Science and Technology

major: Biology

 Date of Birth: 9th November

 Contact: 18652743127

Passion: Empowering, Food science


Name: Abdul Rahim, Abdul Basit

School: Tongji University

major: Corporate Management

 Date of Birth: 27th June

 Contact: 13162522502

Passion: Integrity and Equality


Name: Mabel Addai

School: Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology

major: International trade and Economy

 Date of Birth:

 Contact: 15651693733



Name: Gadah Sebastian Addo

School: Beijing Normal University

major: World Economy and China

 Date of Birth: 31st December

 Contact: 19801324023

Passion: Entrepreneur, freelance writer in business and finance issues and I love football


Name: Josephine Aning-Mensah

School: China Three Gorges University

major: Pharmacy

 Date of Birth: 29th October

 Contact: 15671025592

Passion: Equality & Honesty


Name: Boadu Bright

School: Hainan Normal University

major: International trade and Finance

 Date of Birth: 11th October

 Contact: 13158900230

Passion: Bringing out the best in others


Name: Esther Oye Buabeng

School: Hebei North University

major: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of surgery (MBBS)

 Date of Birth: 14th February

 Contact: 13933751994

Passion: Transparency and accountability for every service


Name: Ferdinand Duodu Kobiah

School: Jiujiang University

major: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

 Date of Birth: 18th November

 Contact: 15679206920

Passion: To serve and emancipate others