Greetings from the office of the Women’s Commissioner. Today, March 8th 2020, has been set aside as International Women’s Day. This is a day worth commemorating since it is a day to reflect and recount all the achievements of women thus far. As we celebrate today, let us remember our origin. Count each achievement chalked so far. We as African women and Ghanaians for that matter have a lot to appreciate when we cast our minds back and look around us. When it comes to beauty, intelligence, eloquence among others. Indeed, we have it all!

Look from your sister next to you all the way back to forerunners like Yaa Asantewaa and be thankful for them. Let us proceed with love and embrace each other. Endeavour to climb to the peak in whichever area you find yourself and pull your sisters along. Do not settle for less and for every tim you hear someone tell you that you cannot do something, let it be fuel for the fire urging you on to achieve what you have set your mind to do.

Happy International Women’s Day!!


Gloria Selorm Akpabla
National Women
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