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Solicitation Notice

NUGS-China is seeking qualified individuals to provide virtual and onsite instruction in the NUGS-China Lab program. We are looking for individuals with fresh ideas and a desire to share a skill or interest with our members. Ideal instructors with extensive knowledge in their skill or subject area, good communication skills and passion for teaching others are needed now. Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications will be placed on an “Approved Instructor” list to be accessed by NUGS-China Project & Academic Committee to provide instruction.

By becoming a NUGS-China Lab-approved instructor, an individual can gain increased visibility among practicing facilities professionals, access to a network of intellectual and instructors and opportunity to advance and improve teaching skills.


NUGS-China Lab is a new innovative community education program that will offer training and certification to members through online and onsite medium of courses instruction to help members advance in their careers, job skills, prepare for professional certifications, and derive substantial results for individual organizations or personal academic development.

NUGS-China Lab training will cover a broad range of subject areas including Computer Science and Engineering, Software Engineering, Chemistry & Materials Science, Social Sciences, Earth Sciences & Geography, Physics, Mathematics, Business & Management, Economics & Finance, Natural Resources & Conservation, Civil Engineering, Agriculture & Agric Operations, Information & Communication Engineering etc. Each class comes with a fully developed curriculum designed to cover the subject over duration specified by the instructor. Instructors are encouraged to develop the curriculum with their own experiences, discussion and exercises, and their own relevant teaching material to provide “real world” examples of the concepts taught.

Application Process

Application is open from now till December 20, 2020.

If you are interested in becoming an instructor please contact the Project Committee or send an email to for further information.

Interested instructors should apply by submitting the following information to this form:

  • Cover letter
  • Updated CV/résumé
  • Contact information for two professional references
  • Course preference and availability

Instructor benefits

In return, instructors receive the following:

  • A honorarium for their time and effort.
  • Recognized Portfolio brand on the official website of the union
  • Exposure as a subject matter expert NUGS-China members and external stakeholders worldwide.
  • Opportunities to build a professional brand as an industry expert.
  • An invaluable way to give back to the union.

If you’re interested in developing a course for the NUGS-China Lab, please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Commitment to Our Instructors

NUGS-China is committed to helping your class succeed through the following services:

  • Promote the class through website, social media and other marketing mediums
  • Register interested students, provide motivation to keep the course
  • Provide necessary platforms as requested to aid in medium of instruction
  • Assist in materials distribution to students list
  • Process end-of-course evaluations

Desired Instructors Qualifications

Applicants must meet the following minimum criteria.

  • Two or more years experience providing instruction to professionals in the field of interest (optional)
  • Two or more years employment in the field or industry related to the training course
  • A minimum of bachelor’s degree required.
  • Two or more references NUGS-China may contact to affirm instructors capabilities.
  • Willingness to share skills or knowledge

Submit Your Course Information

NUGS-China Lab session will run from January – June 2021.

The following information will be required upon submitting the Course Proposal Form:

Course Syllabus

The syllabus should include the course title, instructor contact information, course duration, course objectives, and course outline.

Instructor Biography

Tell us who you are! Be sure to include your education, experience as related to the course, honors and hobbies. You may also provide a photo.

Course Material List

The supply list will include any materials that the student is responsible to acquire before or during the course period. We encourage instructors to do their best to  provide electronic versions of materials if available.

Targeted Audience

List any audiences that you believe your course content would suitable for. This can include age, gender, special interest groups or any other specific audience.

Lab Schedules

Full course schedules for the various NUGS-China Lab will be available on close of this solicitation notice on our website.

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