NUGS QIQIHAR started in the year 2015 with just a handful of members. We had our first general election in July 2015 which saw Solomon Sewor become the first president of the the chapter with Sandra Ansong as General Secretary , Roland Selorm as Financial Secretary and John Anafo Mbapika

The first ever program to be organized was the African Food Day which saw all African students come together to cook and make merry. It was filled with joy as well as competition as we were put into groups. It also fostered a good relationship among members. The years passed by and the handful of members became a crowd and soon the gatherings of Ghanaian students became a must be and must see. Then the time came for the mantle of leadership to handed over to the next executives in 2017. This new leadership brought in a new energy as it brought about more unity and good inter-personal relationship among members. The first program to be organized was the MARAABA NIGHT which was an end of year party for all. It was very fun as members came and raise the flag up high. 

After a year of being president Emmanuel Osei Panyinena left for internship in Ghana so the mantle fell to the rest of the other 4 executives.

From the left, Fortune( organizer), Jemila(WOCOM),Ebo(Gen.Sec.) and Abeiku( Financial SEC).

PICTURES FROM FIRST MARAABA NIGHT The chapter has grown very strong after 4 years in unity and progress. We are not very many in number but we keep the love among us.