The National Union of Ghana Students-China is the umbrella body for all Ghanaian students studying in the People’s Republic of China. The Union was formed in 1988 by a group of Ghanaian students who were studying in China at that time. It is an APOLITICAL and SOCIO-CULTURAL group that seeks the welfare of all Ghanaian students studying in China and other nearby countries. NUGS-CHINA has over 25 Chapters spread across different cities and provinces in China and are always ready to arrange your Travel and Airport Pick up to make your orientation into China an easy one.

The Motto of the Union is “UNITY AND PROGRESS”, and its Emblem is a Golden Stool with a Cocoa pod in it and a Book on it. Members include:

  • Any Ghanaian National admitted into a program of study in a recognized institution in China and has registered with a local chapter of NUGS-China.
  • Any Ghanaian national who is pursuing a program of study in other Asian countries qualify to be an affiliate member and may register with NUGS-China.
  • Any Ghanaian who has completed his/her program of study, but still resides in China may be accorded Honorary Membership upon submission of a written application to NUGS-China.
  • The Union is expected to have five patrons with the Ambassador and Deputy Ambassador of Ghana to China expected to be part.

Some of its objectives are:

  • To provide a forum for members to discuss issues of mutual interest and benefits.
  • To defend the rights of the members and awaken the spirit of solidarity among them.
  • To strengthen and reinforce unity amongst Ghanaian students.
  • To promote friendship between the Ghanaian students and other students in China
  • To mobilize the intellectual resources of members to contribute positively to the Socio-Economic Development of our motherland
  • To collect, keep and utilize all relevant records of members.
  • To collaborate with other students’ associations, professional bodies and any other groups on any issues of mutual academic interest and benefit to its members.
  • Major activities held include Professional conferences, Annual delegates congresses, Women conferences, games among others. National and Chapter leaders run a term of one year and can be re-elected once.
  • Over the years, NUGS-China has grown and had lots of achievements, and it is essential that we, as members, patrons and other stakeholders, continue to work hard to make the Union a better one.




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