Tianjin, the face China strives to present to the rest of the world: a progressive, high-tech manufacturing center and foreign investment magnet. Tianjin borders Hebei Province and Beijing Municipality, roughly 30 minutes by train southeast of Beijing. It is governed as one of the four municipalities under the direct administration of central government of the PRC and is thus under direct administration of the central government. In terms of urban population, Tianjin is the fourth largest in China, after Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou.


The name of the chapter “Tianjin Chapter” was deduced from the name of the city “Tianjin”. The Chapter was inaugurated in 2014.


The aim of the chapter is derived from the motto of NUGS-China “Unity and Progress”. To achieve this mission, the Chapter is managed by the Executive Board consisting of the President, Vice President, General Secretary, Financial Controller, Organizer and Women Commissioner who controls the day-to-day administration of the chapter. There are sub-committees who aid in the administration of the chapter, they include the following:

  • The Welcoming committee (in charge of welcoming new members into the union).
  • Hospitality committee (in charge of providing hospitality during programs)
  • Photo and Editorial Board (in charge of editing and taking photos during programs)
  • Organizing committee (in charge of organizing all activities in the chapter)
  • School Representatives (each school has a representative who is in charge of the daily affairs of members in their respective schools).
  • Electoral Commission (In charge of elections)


NUGS-Tianjin Chapter can boast of a total number of 71 members (2019/2020 estimate) consisting of 58 Students from major schools. These members in various major schools in Tianjin includes:

  • Tianjin Medical University
  • Tianjin University
  • Nankai University
  • Tianjin University of Chinese Traditional Medicine
  • Hebei University of Technology
  • Tianjin Chengjian University
  • Tianjin Polytechnic
  • Tianjin Chinese Cultural Institute

Among these members are celebrities such as musicians (Kweku Mireku), Music Producer(Okukuseku), international Barbar(Stephanous), international Footballer( Festus) and Didi driver(Sammy).


Since our motto is unity and progress, we always seek to organize programs that would bring members together. Our main programs includes; independence day(6th March), Welcome Party, New Year Party, Ghana Ladies Night (GHALANITE) and end of year party/handing over. Other programs include football match (within and outside Tianjin), inter schools cooking competitions, trips, Aseda praise and Ghana meets 9ja. Members are put under one Umbrella on a WeChat group page named “Ghanaians in Tianjin” which is our main medium of communication. We perform other programs on the page such as Tchweaa Talk show, Current affairs in Ghana, Adult education, inspirational messages, HB games, radio show and birthday wishes.


Our main source of fund is members yearly dues, however donations are always welcome.