It gives me great pleasure to greet you all fellow country mates and warm regards from the leadership of NUGS-China. On this special day I wish all a happy 64th Independence Anniversary and also extend sincere appreciation to the Ghana Embassy, Beijing-China.

Our country’s history is a remarkable one and unique to us. Although we look forward, we must acknowledge the struggles, losses and gains made, to appreciate what lies ahead of us. We cherish and celebrate this day with pride. The commitment of our founding fathers brought together diversity of views to form a common national spirit. They were committed to the cause of liberating and securing the future that we enjoy now and yet to come. It is by this zeal and dedication that the passion for nationalism did not subside. On this special day, we ought to take a step back to reflect on the foundation that was laid at our independence. Let us carry this spirit forward and fight for the nationalism and patriotism that runs through us, to honour our forefathers and the next generation to come.

It is worth noting that one of the key elements to success is by make sure that you know your needs, understand the situation you are in, and assess your strengths and areas where there is opportunity for growth carefully. It is by this that the theme “Resource Mobilization: An Effective Tool For National Development” was chosen.
It is time to make reflections on our ability to gain resources and to mobilize ourselves and people towards accomplishing the goals we desire to see.

With a view of becoming one of the contributing bodies to the socio-economic development of Ghana, the union continues to embark on projects that enhance knowledge, skills and productivity for academic and industrial growth. These projects not limited to the SkillUp Program, Academic Conference, Project and Business Exhibition and Problem Solving Contest cannot be achieved without mobilizing resources within and around us. I strongly believe that these programs will equip us and all participants, and also create ripples that spell progress in our academic or industrial career development.

One of the best investments we can make for the future is the education of all our citizens. We are privileged to be pursuing quite a number of degree programs in China. It is our desire that we mobilize ourselves to make notable impact on Ghana’s socio-economic development through the knowledge and skills acquired during our study period. The continuous advancement in the socio economic development of our country also lies in the collective effort that we make as students. Our collective efforts to continue to explore new areas for project developments will go a long way to make significant impact on our country.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented human and humanitarian challenges which have forced the adoption of new ways of doing things. Even as this pandemic continues to be a problem and we are still under lockdown, It is very reassuring to note that, the fight against the global pandemic is gradually being won through collective efforts and resource mobilization both material and human resources worldwide. The world continues to mobilize resources to fight the global pandemic. I believe we have all played our part in this fight. The patience, wisdom and compliance demonstrated by all of you in coping with the pandemic are well appreciated. I am confident that we will continue to maintain caution, act responsibly and comply with the regulations of our host country, China.

With the right resources that we mobilize, we can transform the challenges we face today into opportunities, paving way for a New Ghana that we seek. I am confident that we have what it takes to create the opportunities that we need through collective efforts and realizing our potential.

Take a pledge to stand for Ghana, as well as becoming a seeker of progress and development of our country and not a hindrance. Let us come together and honour our country. Let us consider it as our duty to serve and maintain national unity and integrity. Only then will our Ghana be able to develop more to the level we desire.

We are the pride of our young nation and we shall pledge for a united body for the development our nation.

” Long Live NUGS-China.”

” Long Live Mother Ghana.”